Services included

Services included in the price

  • Cleaning: our cleaning staff will visit your apartment once a week to clean it, and change the towels and sheets.

  • WiFi access to Internet: our apartments are equipped with permanent wireless access to Internet. Computers are also available for your use during your stay. Consult our ‘Additional Services’ page.

  • Cots and high-chairs for children: e-mail us, three days before your arrival, at indicating the dates of your arrival and departure, the apartment concerned, and the equipment you need. Confirmation will be received within 24 hours.

Additional Services

Additional Services not included in the price

To make your stay even more comfortable, we offer a range of additional services. Please send an email to (a minimum of 24 hours before) or call us at the office to the telephone number: +34 (Monday to Sunday 09:00h a 18:00h). Indicating the service you want to contract, your name and the apartment you are staying in. The additional services will have to be booked and paid separately.

  1. Extra cleaning


Maintenance cleaning: Including change of towels and sheets. Price: 50 €.

Fresh linen (without placement)

 1 Bedroom Apartment:  1 set of sheets; 2 small towels, 2 large towels and 1 bathmat: 15 €.

     2 Bedroom Apartment: 1 set of double bed sheets, 4 small towels, 4 large towels and 1  bath mat: 20 €.

Fresh linen (with placement). Includes bathroom cleaning

      1 Bedroom Apartment:  1 set of sheets; 2 small towels, 2 large towels and 1 bathmat: 25 €.

      2 Bedroom Apartment: 1 set of double bed sheets, 4 small towels, 4 large towels and 1 bath mat: 35 €.

  1. Arrival and departure

Check in

The usual check in time is between 15h and 21h.

  • Late check-in: If your arriving time is not in these hours we can offer you this service with its respective fee:

Between 21h y 24h -- 30 €
Between 24h y 2h -- 40 €
Between 2h y 8h -- 50 €

  • Early Check-in: If you wish to check-in before 15h, it has to be solicited with priority to your arrival. In case it can be offered, this service has a extra charge of 30€ (between 8h and 12h)

Please keep in mind that there is NOT reception in the building. That is why, in order to give time to our check-in team to arrive to the apartment to welcome you, it is strictly necessary that you contact us on your arrival (calling to the following telephone number: +34 607.220.167) and let us know in advance your scheduling.

Luggage: If you only need to leave the luggage, recall that you can leave them without any charge in the office from 9h to 18h. After this time we offer you two possible services:


1) In the building: there is the option that one of the members of our staff receives your luggage in the same building and afterwards settles an appointment with you to realize your check-in. This service costs 15€.


2) No-luggage service: You could also opt for contracting an external service in order to allow the traveler to enjoy from the first until the last day of their stay, without worrying about the luggage. This company service consists in picking up your luggage at the airport and handing them over to you at the time and moment you wish. Not having to charge with the luggage, you city experience is much more comfortable and the liberty of not worrying about them will give you the sensation of enlarging your stay.


Arrival service: A team of professionals will be waiting for you at the Airport to pick up your luggage. And they will be afterwards delivered at the time you choose, once already in the apartment.

Service cost: 15 € for one to two suitcase 5€ each extra suitcase. For further information visit:


SAFETY: Baggage sealed with safety flanges irreplaceable labeled with barcodes for perfect control, monitored via GPS, own fleet of transport and delivery points properly identified. Also the price includes a comprehensive insurance of € 3,000 per luggage. Optionally wrap all bags with plastic wrap and name tag.


Check out: Guests should leave the apartment at 11h


Late Check-out: If wish to leave later on the day, it has to be solicited the day before the check-out, so that we can confirm the availability. In case it can be offered, this service has a cost of 50€ and it gives you right to stay in the apartment until 17h.